most agencies suck
at cold outreach.

So we do it for them.

About US

Building Pipelines & Reputations
New Business Development

Manifest works with advertising, PR, digital, and similar types of marketing agencies.

We identify companies who are in the perfect sectors, in the right location, with the right size budgets.

The next step is to find the right people to speak to and identify the likely problems you can solve for them

After this it’s all about the charm offensive; cold outreach has a reputation for being pushy and annoying and when done badly, it is.

But done right it can be your secret weapon.

People buy from people; and our people are all ex-agency so they have the experience you need.

Every contact spoken to is an opportunity to enhance your reputation, don't let amateurs blow it.

  • an Experienced Team

    Our team have been with us for an average of eight years and have all previously worked in a creative, PR, digital or other type of marketing communications agency, so you can be sure they will talk the talk.

  • knowing who to target ...

    We have the tech stack and knowledge to help you identify the companies that fit your ideal customer profile and apply firmographic filters to then identify those on the cusp of buying what you provide.

  • ... HOW TO REACH THEM ...

    We have direct lines, business mobile numbers and email addresses for the vast majority of the people we need to contact and craft individually tailored, bespoke, emails around agreed subjects.

  • ... and how to convert them.

    But email alone is sometimes not enough. We are not afraid to pick up the phone. Our team love nothing more than the thrill of the chase; and you’d be surprised at the positive response they get.

At a glance ...

Short of time? Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does Manifest do?

    We help advertising, PR, digital and other types of marketing and marketing technology businesses build both their pipelines and reputations by professional representation of the very highest level. We don’t just secure new business meetings for you – every touchpoint with your prospects is an opportunity to enhance your reputation, don’t allow it to be squandered or worse.

  • Do you run pitches?

    No we do not run pitches for clients. Being both gamekeeper and poacher seems somewhat incongruous to us and can lead to a conflict of interest.

  • Do you organise events?

    No, we do not organise events or speed dating opportunities.

  • What can we expect?

    On our STANDARD package, for example, we would be looking to provide an agency wanting clients worth at least £100k in revenue p.a. with a total annual pipeline valued at £4.8m ($6m) per year. In order to estimate what this would mean for your business, divide that pipeline value by your win rate from initial new business meeting.

  • Do you create content?

    No, we do not create content if you mean case studies, whitepapers and the like, but we do craft brilliant emails that generate great response rates.

  • Can you help us with our proposition?

    Yes we can help you create a compelling and distinctive proposition, but it is not included as part of our standard packages.

  • What does the service cost?

    We charge a flat fee at a level appropriate to your needs. We have a few standard options that suit most, but are more than happy to provide an alternative quote if your need to greater. HERE is a link to our pricing page.

  • Can you work on a PBR or commission only basis?

    The only result that really matters is the ultimate outcome; winning new clients. And there are simply too many variables outside of our control for us to consider this as an option.

  • What makes Manifest special?

    An agency’s brand is of paramount importance and should not be placed in the hands of inexperienced “cold callers” who could do more harm than good; the person who represents you from Manifest will be a seasoned ex-agency staffer who talks the talk as well as walking the walk.


Don't just take our word for it, read what our clients say ...
  • We’ve worked with Adam and David for four years now, they are great. Proof of this is the fact that we made a decision to test out some other providers... read more

    Mark Lowe Avatar Mark Lowe
    23rd September 2023

    Excellent people here. You cannot be in the business this long without knowing your onions.

    Sophocles Alexiou Avatar Sophocles Alexiou
    9th September 2023

    Manifest are great. I've worked with Adam and the team twice now at two different agencies and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Keir Mather Avatar Keir Mather
    30th August 2023
  • The team at Manifest were professional, proactive and productive. We hired them to boost our new business efforts and had a series of high quality meetings with the right... read more

    Dominic England Avatar Dominic England
    30th August 2023

    Ive had the pleasure in using Adam and team for their new biz and marketing services recently to support our growth plans in this current competitive landscape. The team were... read more

    Craig Spence Avatar Craig Spence
    30th August 2023

    I've always found Adam and the team to be quick to respond; efficient in delivering results; friendly and approachable. Great to work with...

    Ken Walters Avatar Ken Walters
    30th August 2023
  • Having recently engaged with Manifest for my lead generation requirements, I felt it imperative to share my experience. From the outset, the team at Manifest demonstrated a unique blend of... read more

    Matthew Trubow Avatar Matthew Trubow
    30th August 2023

    Manifest are a very professional and energetic team. Adam has developed a strong team that are great at what they do. Great business with value for money focus. I have... read more

    michelle butler Avatar michelle butler
    30th August 2023

    Manifest do a great job, have a great team, and work collaboratively to deliver. What more could you ask?

    Steven O'Brien Avatar Steven O'Brien
    30th August 2023
  • Adam and his team are important partners to Mynt’s new business efforts. They do the groundwork by connecting us with the right decision makers, allowing us to focus on... read more

    Ollie Patterson Avatar Ollie Patterson
    30th August 2023

    We've been working with Manifest for the past year and we're delighted with the results. Would definitely recommend.

    Guy Weston Avatar Guy Weston
    22nd May 2024


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